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Warren G & Ty Dolla $ign Unite For “And You Know What”


Warren G & Ty Dolla $ign


Warren G and Ty Dolla $ign gift us with a smooth summertime hit.

If you were born after 1994, there is a good chance that you don’t know who Warren G is. Well, let me enlighten you really quick… Warren G is famous for making one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever in “Regulate.” “And You Know That,” his latest single, isn’t quite “Regulate,” but it is still good enough to have on repeat.

“And You Know That” sounds like something you would play while you’re cruising in your 6’4 down a road without potholes. Though Warren G hits us with lyrics that are hood-certified, raw, and slick on the song, Ty Dolla $ign hits us with a hook that is therapeutic, serene, and nasally-sounding (Can someone give this n***a a tissue so he can blow his nose?)

I can see Ty Dolla $ign being the next Nate Dogg…

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