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24Choppo Keeps It Trill On “Freestyle”

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24Choppo isn’t playing around.

24Choppo is one of those musicians that makes sure every lyric that comes out of his mouth is real as s**t. With that being said, on his latest single, “Freestyle,” Choppo lets the world know that he’s winning and is ready to go to war with anyone that thinks they can block him from winning.

“Freestyle” is powered by a riveting trap beat that has some serious bass attached to it. Over it, 24 Choppo raps about his money-making, violent, hustling, playboy, and competitive ways. While you’re going to love how our gritty hero sounds hella focused on the song, you’re also going to love how he blesses us with a rap flow that is beyond dynamic.

24Choppo has just made himself a new fan.




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