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Bazzi Returns With The Emotional “I Don’t Think I’m Okay”

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Bazzi lets it all hang out on “I Don’t Think I’m OK.”

I f**king love me some Bazzi! Not only is he a fantastic singer, but I also love how vulnerable he sounds in his music. With that being said, on “I Don’t Think I’m OK,” Bazzi’s latest single, he pours his heart out like never before.

“I Don’t Think I’m Okay” is powerful. Yes, the song features soulful crooning and an instrumental that is both serene and lively, but I believe it’s Bazzi’s lyrics about potentially being lost in life and wanting to go back to his old ways that catch my attention. All in all, “I Don’t Think I’m Okay” will reassure you that money can’t buy happiness despite what THIS REPORT says.

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