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Lexxi Meshan Returns To The Music Scene With “DGAF”

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Lexxi Meshan is back and better than ever!

It requires tons of growth and lots of work to become a successful musician. While Lexxi Meshan is a rapper that has worked her butt off these last couple of years, she has made it a mission to focus on her growth as of late.

If you take a look at Lexxi Meshan’s Instagram page, you will see the transformation she has gone through stylistically these last couple of years. For starters, I feel like she admires originality a bit more these days (She has switched up her hairstyle and seems a bit more fearless looks-wise). As for musically, these days, you can tell that Lexxi is more focused on gifting us with soulful vibes and lyrics that promote individualism. On her latest single, “DGAF,” Lexxi premieres her brand new self.

On “DGAF,” Lexxi shines bright! Not only does she hit us with a rap flow that is majestic, but she also shows a level of confidence on the song that is beyond dazzling. As for lyrically, I love how Lexxi cleverly talks about her money-making, hit-making, and eccentric ways. All in all, “DGAF” feels like Lexxi’s 2020 theme song.

Personally, I believe Lexxi Meshan has a bright future. I love her style, I love how powerful her lyrics are, and I absolutely love her confidence. On her new “DGAF” single, Lexxi indicates that she has found a renewed purpose as a musician.



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