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Listen To “2020 Vision” By BriGuel & Andres Gonzalez

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2020 VISION (EP)

BriGuel & Andres Gonzalez

“2020 Vision” features a brand of music that I’ve never heard before.

If you like music that bends genres and features powerful lyrics, 2020 Vision is an album that you need to listen to! While BriGuel does a fantastic job of adding soulful vocal performances and authentic Spanish raps to the album, Andres Gonzalez does a fantastic job of adding hard-hitting English raps.

2020 Vision is jam-packed with intriguing music. On the album, there is a song called “No One Really Knows” that is both dramatic and inspirational, a song called “The Difference” that is both rebellious and high-octane, a song called “Different View” that boasts cultural and uplifting vibes, a song called “Dark Oblivion” that is powered by gritty and soulful feels, a song called “Rainbow” that is very therapeutic to listen to, and a song called “Keep Going” that contains a helluva tempo and tons of positive energy. Every song I just mentioned contains vocal performances that are compelling, raps that are brilliant, and instrumentals that are riveting.

In these trying times, 2020 Vision is the type of album that you need in your life. Stream it below!




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