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WizKid & H.E.R Join Forces For The Very Vibrant “Smile”

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WizKid & H.E.R.


WizKid & H.E.R.’s “Smile” will brighten your day.

There hasn’t been a lot to smile about as of late. Not only are we getting our ass kicked by a disease that we can’t quite figure out, but we are also dealing with racial tensions worldwide. Today, WizKid and H.E.R. decided to release “Smile” — a beautiful song that will make you forget about all of the bad things that are going on in the world.

“Smile” features an instrumental that boasts both jazzy and island vibes. Over it, WizKid and H.E.R. sing back and forth about some lovey-dovey s**t. While you’re going to enjoy the melodies, the romantic lyrics, and the fearless crooning the two singers bless us with on the song, I think it’s the way that they blend their two unique styles that will catch your attention.

Listen to “Smile” at the top of the page!

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