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DJ Khaled & Drake Keep It Trill On “Popstar”

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DJ Khaled & Drake


Drake goes ham on “Popstar.”

As I stated in the post before, I feel like DJ Khaled and Drake collaborations have been either hits or misses. In my very humbling opinion, “Popstar” is a hit.

“Popstar” is powered by a beat that is meaner than Tory Lanez when he gets denied by Megan Thee Stallion in a car. Over it, Drake cockily raps about b*tches calling his phone, his intentions of running 2020, and his trill-ass homies. He also raps about wanting a slow death (Let’s not go there, Drake). While I f**k with how introspective Drake sounds on the song, I think it’s his nonchalant demeanor that catches my attention the most (He sounds like an unbothered pimp on the song).

Damn, Drake is going to be on Khaled Khaled, DJ Khaled’s new album, a lot!


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