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Jason Derulo Shines On “Take You Dancing”

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Jason Derulo


Mr. Tik Tok is back with a brand new anthem!

More than likely, my kids are going to think Jason Derulo made it big off of Tik-Tok. What they won’t know is that he was once a pop hitmaker! With that being said, today, Derulo dropped a brand new single called “Take You Dancing” that I think is dope.

No one calls Jason Derulo the next Michael Jackson, but on “Take You Dancing,” he puts on a Michael-like performance! Throughout the song, he blesses us with daring vocals and lyrics that are spicy as s**t. Additionally, “Take You Dancing” boasts an instrumental that is full of energy and a tempo that will be hard to keep up with (I have two left feet).

I can see myself spilling a drink on a girl while listening to “Take You Dancing” (I have two left hands)!

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