J. Cole Returns With “The Climb Back”


J. Cole


J. Cole sounds hungrier than he’s ever sounded on “The Climb Back.”

J. Cole might end his career as a top 5 rapper of all-time. On “The Climb Back,” one of his latest singles, he tries his hardest to turn non-believers of his greatness into believers.

You get all kinds of J. Cole’s on “The Climb Back:” We’re talking a numb Cole, a competitive Cole, a killer Cole, a spooky Cole, a hood-certified Cole, a disgruntled Cole, a mob boss Cole, and a slightly melodic Cole. When you combine all of the Coles together, what you end up getting is a lyrical banger that will leave a few weak-ass rappers shook.

“The Climb Back” is off of J. Cole’s short Lewis Street project.

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