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Listen To “TA-DA!” By Lailien

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ta da



Lailien blesses us with a body-of-work that is beautifully complicated and fearlessly unorthodox.

Lailien is an alternative artist from Toronto, Canada that makes music that is far from normal. Not only does he like toying with peculiar melodies, but he also knows how to make a bunch of unique sounds play nice with one another. On his latest project, “Ta-Da!,” Lailien plays a magical musician that takes advantage of his full bag of tricks.

I’m not going to lie, my mind was blown listening to TA-DA! The music on the album features strange tempos, all sorts of vibes, knotty lyrics, and instrumentals that are zany. Though the roller coaster ride that Lailien takes you on is overly-thrilling, the album will remind you that being creative and inventive is grand.

Listen to TA-DA! below!




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