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Russ Releases “Can’t Be Me”




Russ is in midseason form right now.

Earlier this week, I praised Russ on my brand new video series called “Addressin S**t With QD.” What I like about him is that he is very unpredictable (One day, he might drop a song that is silky smooth, while another day, he might drop a song that features unadulterated bars). Well, on “Can’t Be Me,” Russ is pretty predictable…

I don’t love “Can’t Be Me.” The song features a beat that sounds undone, lyrics that are all over the place, and a vocal performance that makes me want to doze off. I love the fact that Russ makes it a mission to show the world that he is a versatile artist in his songs, but on this particular song, his versatility doesn’t impress me much…

Aw s**t, did I jinx Russ?

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