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2 Chainz Says “Fu*k The World” With Brent Faiyaz In New Single

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Brent Faiyaz & 2 Chainz


The vibes attached to “Fu*k The World” are unbelievable!

If you don’t have Brent Faiyaz’s music in your life, you aren’t living. In my opinion, he is fantastic at making R&B music that is engaging, smooth, and raw. Today, one of Faiyaz’s biggest singles, “Fu*k The World,” has gotten a 2 Chainz remix!

“Fu*k The World” just got better. Though Brent’s silky smooth vocals and pimpadocios lyrics already make the song great, it’s Chainz’ animated/raw-ass verse that takes it to another level.

Listen to “Fu*k The World” at the top of the page!

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