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Queen Naija Calls Her Man Out On “Pack Lite”

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Queen Naija


“Pack Lite” is an old school R&B jam that is supposed to intimidate dusty-ass men.

Queen Naija continues to trend upwards. Not only has she dropped some pretty dope hits these last couple of months, but she has also featured on a bunch of people’s songs. Today, Naija has decided to stick to her solo dolo s**t by releasing “Pack Lite” — an R&B gem that will have every shaky man sweating a little bit.

“Pack Lite” is smooth but confrontational. Throughout the song, Queen passionately lets her man know that his s**t does stink, that she is ready to leave him if he doesn’t get his act together, and that she isn’t with him leaving toilet seats up. Though you don’t get an amazing vocal performance by Naija on the song, she does show tons of raw passion.

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