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Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa Join Forces For “Gah Damn High”


Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa


Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa are back and as useless as ever!

Throughout the years, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa have made tons of hits. In my opinion, their latest collaborative effort, “Gah Damn High,” is hotter than every single player on the Marlins.

Do you know what I love about Juicy J? He likes to stick to a sound that he is good at. In other words, don’t expect him to make music that galvanizes freedom writers; expect him to make music that galvanizes strippers and stoners. With that being said, “Gah Damn High” is a hard-hitting banger that features raps by both Juicy and Wiz Khalifa that are reckless, inappropriate, and probably shameful. (I like reckless, inappropriate, and shameful music, though)

I absolutely love how “Gah Damn High” completely switches up when Wiz Khalifa starts rapping.


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