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NLE Choppa Calls On Lil Baby For “Narrow Road”

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NLE Choppa & Lil Baby


NLE Choppa and Lil Baby shine on the high-powered “Narrow Road.”

I’m one of those people that thinks that NLE Choppa has next. Since dropping the very solid Cottonwood, I feel like he has taken a few steps back. Today, Choppa has decided to release “Narrow Road” — a song that has him getting back on track.

“Narrow Road” is exhilarating, infectious, and trill as s**t. On both NLE Choppa and Lil Baby’s verses on the song, they remind the world that they are hood-certified individuals that love to stack money and buy luxurious s**t. Though the former sounds like a rebellious figure, the latter sounds like a triple OG that doesn’t mind schooling young jits.

“Narrow Road” is NLE Choppa’s best song in a while.

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