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Listen To “Summer Love” By J. Balvin


J. Balvin

J. Balvin blesses us with a little somethin’ somethin’.

J. Balvin is winning right now. These last couple of years, not only has he featured on a bunch of songs, but he has also dropped a few projects, too. Today, Balvin decided to keep his hot streak going by releasing a six-track EP called Summer Love.

Summer Love is hotter than fish grease. The EP features a song in “Azul” that will get a house party poppin’, a song in “Rojo” that will get your girl to melt, a song in “LA CANCION” that boasts amazing vibes and infectious melodies, a song in “Brillo” that never lets up in sensualness, a song in “Sigo Extranandote” that is absolutely exhilarating, and a song in “Rosa” that will have you bowing down to the Colombian legend.

Listen to Summer Love below!


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