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Foolish Senpai Spits Fire On “Tengu”

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Foolish Senpai


What are you going to do when Tengu comes for you?

There’s no way in hell that Foolish Senpai is from this planet. On his songs, not only does he dissect beats like a mad scientist, but he also knows how to drop lyrics that are captivating. “Tengu,” Foolish Senpai’s latest single, is one of the most impressive rap cuts that I have heard this year!

Throughout “Tengu,” Foolish Senpai toys with all kinds of rap flows, he blesses us with clever punchlines, and he sounds like he’s ten minutes away from turning into The Incredible Hulk. Since the song features a beat that is hard as hell, you should’ve known that you would get a version of the King City native that is intent on smashing his competition.

If you are someone that is bored with all of the conventional hip-hop music that you hear on the radio today, give “Tengu” not one, not two, but three shots!




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