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Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker Reunite For “concert for aliens”

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concert for aliens

Machine Gun Kelly


Machine Gun Kelly has given up on rap music…

One thing that you probably don’t know about me is that I love pop-punk music! Anytime I do karaoke, my go-to song is “Stacy’s Mom.” With that being said, I’ve enjoyed Machine Gun Kelly’s transition from tough-ass rapper to punk rock superstar.

Machine Gun Kelly is an absolute rockstar on “concert for alien.” Throughout the song, he does his best impersonation of Matt Skiba and comes across like one of those high school dropouts that sniffs magic markers and eats Pizza Pockets all day. If you are a fan of Machine Gun Kelly the rapper, you may want to skip this song…

Stay tuned for Machine Gun Kelly’s new album titled Tickets To My Downfall.

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