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Ali Doukali Puts Up A Masterful Performance On “Smooth”

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Ali Doukali


Ali Doukali spazzes on “Smooth.”

I don’t know about you, but I am adding Ali Doukali to my list of musicians that I think will take over the game at some point. Not only is he a fantastic rapper, but he is also as confident as it gets. On “Smooth,” Ali gifts us with a style of music that is explosive, infectious, and melodic.

“Smooth” doesn’t have a moment of dullness. Throughout the song, the beat does its job in boasting hard-hitting vibes and Ali Doukali does his job in blessing us with a vocal performance that is wide-ranging, lyrics that are competitive, and flows that are impregnable. If you finished listening to “Smooth” and didn’t feel impressed with what the Pennsylvania artist was able to do on the song, you must be higher than the ozone layer.

Listen to the very dynamic “Smooth” at the top of the page!



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