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Burna Boy – Twice As Tall (Album Review)


Burna Boy returns with “Twice As Tall.”





Burna Boy reminds us of how far he has come on “Level Up (Twice As Tall).”

Though “Level Up” starts off “Twice As Tall” pretty soberly, Burna Boy does a few things on the song: He shows the world that he’s more than an Afropop artist, he shows the world that he’s obsessed with being great, and he shows the world that he rolls with bosses and kings.

Why in the hell would Burna Boy open up “Level Up” with that random-ass dude?




I’m curious to know how “Naughty By Nature” was created.

Every hip-hop fan on this planet will love “Naughty By Nature.” Not only is the song springy, but it also features vibes that will make you want to dance and a vocal performance by Burna Boy that is way too infectious to ignore.

Though Naughty By Nature’s influence is written all over “Naughty By Nature,” I can actually do without them on the song…




“Wonderful” is one of those songs that will make you feel all good inside.

“Wonderful” boasts a beat that is both gleeful and upbeat. Over it, Burna Boy sings like someone who is overpowered with joy, freedom, and fufu. On the real, after listening to the song, you will feel restored.

According to Burna Boy, “Wonderful” transcends state lines, barriers, and races.



3. 23

Burna Boy has officially made the number ’23’ popular…

I just think that “23” is too passionate, too sensual, and too beautiful to ignore. I also think that Burna Boy harmonizes very well and blesses us with a flawless melody on the song. All in all, it is damn-there impossible to not be captivated by “23.”




I want to hear “Bebo” at a Nigerian party right now!

Calories will be lost when “Bebo” comes on at a party. If your body doesn’t get engulfed by the vibrant instrumental, the memorable melodies or Burna Boy’s whopping vocal performance on the song, both your heart and your ears aren’t working.




“Comma” literally makes me want to get my Jollof rice and my two-step.

As versatile as Burna Boy is, I absolutely love him when he makes authentic Afropop music. With that being said, “Comma” epitomizes authentic AfroPop music! The song has a great rhythm, lyrics that are supposed to hype Zanku dancers up, and melodies you and your African parents will love.

I’m biased, I grew up listening to songs like “Comma” (Sorry).


1. LEVEL UP (4/5)

2. ALARM CLOCK (4/5)

3. WAY TOO BIG (3/5)

4. BEBO (4/5)

5. WONDERFUL (4/5)

6. ONYEKA (BABY) (4/5)


8. COMMA (4/5)

9. NO FIT VEX (4/5)

10. 23 (4/5)

11. TIME FLIES (3/5)


13. WETTIN DEY SUP (4/5)

14. REAL LIFE (4/5)

15. BANK ON IT (4/5)




Do you know what I love about Burna Boy? You can tell that he wants to be great. When he sings, he makes sure that he moves listeners every single time with melodies that are complex and vocal performances that are powerful. He also makes sure that he talks about love and power in ways that your average artist doesn’t. Throughout Twice As Tall, I feel like Burna Boy did everything he could to separate himself from other Nigerian artists that we like to compare him to. Whenever he made music that geared towards hip-hop, he put a little more oomph into his rap bars. When he made music that geared towards Afropop, he made sure that his melodies were crisp and his beats were impactful.

Will Twice As Tall blow you away as much as African Giant did? No, but I do see the album putting him on another level.

12 thoughts on “Burna Boy – Twice As Tall (Album Review)

    1. Hahaha. I thought the song was OK. To each its own, though! LOL

      I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks… We shall see!

      1. My eyes are awaken, I see the light! “No Fit Vex” is a very good song. Thank you for making me reconsider. Just had to listen to a little more to appreciate it.

  1. For me Bank On It and 23 were my favs.. don’t get me wrong, the album is quite solid but I guess those two are probably the mainstream shakers for me ✌️👊

    1. Definitely two very solid songs. I don’t quite think any song was super special, but there were a bunch of very good songs on the album 😄!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. But wait. Is burna a rapper or a singer, for me Monsters you made is the most impactful song on the album. Specially if you’re from the south side. Real life sh*t.

    1. Great comment! Personally, I would call him a singer that can rap when he needs to.

      I absolutely agree with your assessment of “Monsters You Made.” Though the song features a style I don’t quite prefer for him, he absolutely slayed the song with cold hard street facts … and he was definitely rapping on the song lol

  3. Twice as tall is a masterpiece. Favorite tracks are 23, Wetin dey sup & Monsters you made. Excellent review btw

    1. Thank you! Great selection. I feel like everyone likes something different from this album. Do you think this album is better than “African Giant.”

      1. No, definitely not. African Giant is golden. Twice as tall is a great follow up notwithstanding.

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