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Pharrell & Jay-Z Put On For Black Folks On “Entrepreneur”


Pharrell & Jay-Z


Pharrell & Jay-Z are back and blacker than ever!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still buzzing off of “Frontin” by Pharrell and Jay-Z after 17 years. Today, the two megastars decided to reunite for “Entrepreneur” — a song that is a little more energetic, a little blacker, and a little more meaningful than “Frontin.”

Pharrell and Jay-Z’s chemistry on “Entrepreneur” is amazing! Lyrically, both of them do a fantastic job of letting every black person on this planet know that they can do whatever the hell they put their mind to. While Pharrell gifts us with a vocal performance that is both whispery and daring on the song, the latter hits us with nothing but cold unadulterated bars.

As a black entrepreneur, It’s sweet listening to a song that congratulates us!

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