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Starliner Reinvents Rock With “Never Satisfied”

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“Never Satisfied” by Starliner brings the 80s to the present in a way that is modern yet authentic.

Starliner was destined to be a rockstar. At a very young age, he found a guitar and never looked back! These last couple of years, Starliner has done a lot of music-making, touring, and growing.

“Never Satisfied” has the makings of a radio hit! Starliner’s memorable voice is perfect for the slight grittiness that compliments the track’s rock-pop vibes. Not to mention the sweet guitar solo followed by a quick shift in the beat that makes you want to headbang and clap your hands. Make sure you stop everything that you’re doing and listen to “Never Satisfied!”

“Never Satisfied” will take you to a place of reinvented rock that is nostalgic and fun. It made me miss live concerts (I know I’d love to see that guitar shred live).



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