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Big Sean Releases “Deep Reverence” With Nipsey Hussle

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Big Sean & Nipsey Hussle

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Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle drop serious bars on “Deep Reverence.”

Big Sean is officially back! Today, he decided to hype folks up for his forthcoming Detroit 2 album by releasing “Deep Reverence” with Nipsey Hussle.

“Deep Reverence” is a powerful rap banger. The song starts off with a short verse by Nipsey Hussle in which he schools us on street codes and reminds us that he was always ready for smoke. From there, you get a lengthy verse by Big Sean in which he opens up about Nip’s death, his beef with Kendrick Lamar, and his mindset today.

I love it when Nipsey Hussle sounds like he’s ready to smack the living daylight out of someone on a song. I also love it when Big Sean lets his mind be free on songs.

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