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Dustin Hill Opens Up On “No Delays”

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Dustin Hill

Dustin Hill has some serious skills!

I think I have a new favorite artist: His name is Dustin Hill. Even though he’s only 20 years old, he has an ear for music that is outstanding!

After being introduced to music at the age of 6 by his father, Hill hasn’t looked back. He started learning how to play percussion when he was in elementary school and fell in love with both hip-hop and R&B. As the years went by, Hill perfected his craft more and more. “No Delays,” Dustin’s latest single, will prove to you that his future as a musician is bright!

“No Delays” is a song that is impossible to dislike. It features a smooth trap beat, melodies to die for, and lyrics that real ones will absolutely love. When it’s all said and done, “No Delays” should warm your soul and get your heart pumping.

You have to listen to “No Delays” — It’s a fire-ass single!

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