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Thee JAE Does It All On “Trap Jae Vol. II”



“TRAP JAE VOL. II” features guest appearances by Nessly, Jay Gwuapo, Valeé, BIGBABYGUCCI, and Bobbynice.

Thee JAE is an up-and-coming rapper that you need to pay close attention to. What I love about him is that he is from the DMV, that he talks about all of the trials and tribulations that he has gone through in his life (He has been incarcerated and homeless before) in his music, and that he has hustled his butt off these last couple of years. As for musically, I like how versatile he is: Not only is he a pretty solid singer, but he is also an outstanding rapper. On Trap JAE II, expect to be blown away by Thee JAE’s uncanny ability to mix memorable melodies with powerful lyrics.

Stay tuned for Trap JAE Vol. II — It will hit all streaming services on 08/28/20.

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