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Yo Gotti Drops “Stay Ur Distance”

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Yo Gotti


Yo Gotti should’ve gotten Dr. Fauci to feature on this song.

Yo Gotti has been adamant about all of the money that he has been saving during the pandemic. As someone that is broker than a joke, I take notes whenever he speaks. Today, Gotti decided to release “Stay Ur Distance,” a hard-hitting banger that has him letting the world know that he’s been going outside as of late.

“Stay Ur Distance” is powered by a booming beat that was born to knock s**t off walls. Over it, Yo Gotti raps ruggedly about smashing his competition’s women, about being in the hood like an engine, and about all of his expensive whips. Though the song features a bunch of gangsta-ass lyrics, it is really simple in nature (I just feel like the style that Gotti raps with on the song is very plain).

It’s extremely gangsta to walk to your own mailbox these days…

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