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Janelle Monae Returns With “Turntables”

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Janelle Monae


Anderson .Paak is the male version of Janelle Monae.

When it comes to tackling racism in America, we’ve let our feet off the gas. Today, Janelle Monae decided to release a brand new single called “Turntables” that will make bigots feel uncomfortable once again.

“Turntables” is funkier than my gym clothes. Not only does the song feature an instrumental that will make you want to breakdance, but it also features an old school rap performance by Janelle Monae. As for lyrically, Monae lets folks know that America will pay for its sins really soon:

I keep my hands dirty
My mind clean
Got a new agenda
With a new dream
I’m kicking out the old regime
Liberation, elevation, education
America, you a lie
But the whole world ’bout to testify
I said, the whole world ’bout to tеstify

Damn, Janelle Monae holds nothing back on this song.

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