Lil Tecca


Why do I think that Lil Tecca is so tight?

I don’t believe Lil Tecca when he says he will shoot up his enemies. I also don’t believe him when he says he has a bunch of girls on his jock. What I do believe is that Tecca has a semi-bright future. “Our Time,” his latest single, is a song that makes me want to reconsider my last sentence…

“Our Time” sounds stupid (Sorry for being so blunt). While I f**k with the vibes that the song gives off, I think it is too unstructured and generic to enjoy. Tecca, if you need help writing a song, I’m here for you, bro!

I think Lil Tecca needs a music connoisseur like Diddy by his side (The dude needs direction as a musician).

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