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Ludacris Calls On Chance The Rapper For “Found You”


Ludacris & Chance The Rapper


Ludacris and Chance The Rapper are two of the most animated rappers of all-time.

I feel like Ludacris has one more music run in him. Don’t get me wrong, I like him on Fear Factor, but I like him as a rapper even more. Today, Ludacris decided to release “Found You,” an adorable banger that his lady will appreciate.

When Ludacris first hit the music scene, he was talking about licking women and s**t. These days, he’s showing women the utmost respect. In “Found You,” his latest single, the Atlanta rapper praises his main chick for being a natural beauty and a great lover. True Luda fans, no need to worry, he still raps like a dude that knows how to breakdown beats like a mad scientist.

Chance The Rapper blesses Ludacris with an uplifting hook on “Found You.” You can tell that his energy made Luda want to be mushy on the song (There’s nothing wrong with being mushy).

Listen to “Found You” below.

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