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Johnny Gas Gets His “Airbnb” Poppin’


Johnny Gas

Johnny Gas turns his “Airbnb” into a club!

Johnny Gas is a musician that you should pay very close attention to. He’s equally good at both singing and rapping. Johnny also has a good ear for music. On “Airbnb,” Johhny’s latest single, he mixes R&B, rap, and Latin vibes.

I like “Ainbnb” a lot. The song features a beat that sounds both hard-hitting and lively. As for Johnny Gas, on the song, he does a great job of sounding like a guy that simply wants to enjoy his woman’s presence, energy, touch, and dance moves.

“Airbnb” is one of those songs that has so much pizazz attached to it. You shouldn’t only listen to it, you should let it take over your body!



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