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Wilber Shows Out On “Night In The City”




Wilber is the real-deal.

Wilber is a talented rapper that is more than capable of creating memorable melodies, too. On “Night In The City,” his latest single, he puts on an absolute show!

Do you know what I love about “Night In The City?” You can play it in several different settings: I wouldn’t mind hearing the song in the club, I wouldn’t mind hearing it while I’m chilling, and I wouldn’t mind hearing it in my whip. While the song features an instrumental that is smoother than my chest hair and a hook that is as infectious as the common cold, it also features some tough-ass raps. The icing on the cake is the motivational, braggadocios, and trill-ass lyrics that Wilber gifts us with on the song.

If you like “Night In The City,” you should check out Wilber’s 4 PACKAGE EP below! Throughout it, Wilber does a great job of mixing contagious melodies with some of the rawest raps in the game.




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