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Lil Pump Brags His Ass Off On “Life Like Me”


Lil Pump


This is yet another ‘na-na na-na boo-boo’ type song by Pump.

Lil Pump has been relatively quiet these last couple of months (Thank GOD). Today, on his 20th birthday, he decided to release “Life Like Me” — a song that he created in 2018.

“Life Like Me” reminds me of “Gucci Gang”: The song is catchy, it’s braggadocios, it’s basic, and it features a beat that will tell the walls of your house that it is the captain now. Though the song isn’t the best thing I’ve ever heard, I do think it’s solid enough to give some burn.

Hold on, Lil Pump is only 20-years-old? ( He’s ruffled a record number of feathers before the age of 21)


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