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Summer Walker Hops On Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay’s “Mood Swings” Remix


Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay & Summer Walker


Summer Walker adds some well-needed estrogen to “Mood Swings.”

Though “Mood Swings” is a very weird song (I feel like the melodies, the lyrics, and the singing styles that you hear on the song are a bit bizarre), I don’t quite think it is missing anything. Nonetheless, today, a remix to the song has hit the net, and it features the one and only Summer Walker!

Summer Walker sings her ass off on this “Mood Swings” remix! Not only does she reach notes that are higher than America’s unemployment numbers, but she also reminds us that she is sexier than Cool Ranch Doritos on the song (Ya’ll didn’t think that Cool Ranch Doritos were sexy growing up?).

I’m sorry, I can’t take all of this nut-talk that Pop Smoke and Lil Tjay do on this “Mood Swings” song…

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