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Tray Tray & Future Spit Heinous Bars On “Blow Some Down”


Tray Tray & Future


“Blow Some Down” is one of the toughest songs of 2020.

Tray Tray is yet another rapper from Chicago that you need to pay close attention to. Not only can he spit bars with the best of them, but he is also one of the trillest individuals in the game. On Tray Tray’s latest single, “Blow Some Down,” both he and Future present us with some of the hardest lyrics known to man.

“Blow Some Down” is powered by this mean-ass trap beat. Over it, Future blesses us with a hook that is both catchy and gritty. As for Tray Tray, he does a great job of hitting us with lyrics that are meant to intimidate ops and galvanize shooters on the song. All in all, if you are about that life, “Blow Some Down” will resonate with you.

Listen to “Blow Some Down” at the top of the page.




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