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Listen To “Kaleidanoyse V” By Kaleidanoyse



Kaleidanoyse tells a captivating story on “Kaleidanoyse V.”

You have to love a musician that thinks outside of the box. With that being said, Kaleidanoyse thinks so far outside of the box, he may need a GPS to tell him how to get back to it. On his latest body-of-work, Kaleidanoyse V, the talented instrumentalist blesses us with seven electrifying, uptempo, smooth, and stirring tracks!

Below is how Kaleidanoyse describes Kaleidanoyse V:

A friendly private plane ride with acquaintances is cut short as the passengers vanish and the Protagonist crash lands into a lush jungle. From there he wanders the wild, coming across an abandoned overgrown city, an ancient temple, a mountain peak. He finally rests, looking at the stars, content, then floats into space.


So how does an album full of instrumentals tell a story? As a listener, all you need to do is tie everything you just read to how each song makes you feel. For instance, on a song like “Freefall,” Kaleidanoyse does a great job of capturing the frantic vibes that may ensue when an individual is on a plane that is spiraling out of control. From there, you get a song in “In The Lush” that boasts mesmerizing vibes; a song in “Overgrown” that boasts comforting vibes; a song in “Metal Temple” that boasts both starry and trap vibes; a song in “To The Peak” that boasts dance vibes; a song in “Starstruck” that boasts hypnotizing vibes; and a song in “Heaven” that boasts angelic vibes. To me, each song on the album represents a stop in our Nomad’s emotional journey.

Check out Kaleidanoyse V HERE!

Kaleidanoyse V was created by Aureus Nova Solis. The album is inspired by video games Celeste and Horizon Zero Dawn, and artists The Knife and Purity Ring. Fans can also subscribe for $5/month to support the artist.


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