What did Logic do now?

As of late, Reason has been talking his s**t. Today, the TDE rapper decided to release “The Soul (PT 2),” a song in which he spills his guts out for five minutes straight.

Who the f**k drank Reason’s apple juice? Throughout “The Soul (PT 2),” he demonstratively lets the world know how real he is, how trill he is, and how skilled he is. He also calls out a few folks, including Logic:

See y’all mistake my name for Logic’s, y’all got me fucked up
How you compare a n**ga that take from the culture,
Versus a ni**a that’s for it? This shit gettin’ borin’
My limits are soarin’, the industry snorin’
Leave my city? Nah, ni**a, I’m here to restore it

Logic is such an easy target.