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Listen To “It Takes A Villiage” By Suave Colione


Suave Colione

They don’t make hip-hop music like “It Takes A Village” anymore.

I started falling in love with music in the 90s. Back then, I had songs featuring hard-hitting raps and dope-ass beats on repeat. With that being said, “It Takes A Village,” Suave Colione’s latest project, is a body-of-work that was made for hip-hop lovers like me.

On every single song on It Takes A Village, Suave Coilone spills his heart out. To be more specific, throughout the album, he delivers his bars explosively, he hits us with powerful/knowledgeable/passionate lyrics, he toys with unique flows, and he dishes out killer punchlines. Suave also does a great job of picking beats to spit over that are both soulful and impactful. All in all, It Takes A Village is a must-listen!

Hear It Takes A Village below!






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