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Listen To “Mr. 17” By Philly Blocks

MR. 17 (EP)

Philly Blocks

Philly Blocks finally drops his highly anticipated EP.

It’s hard to find a rapper that is triller than Philly Blocks. On every song that the Louisville rapper releases, he makes sure that he serves listeners with tough-ass trap beats and lyrics that are meant to galvanize street bosses. Today, Blocks decided to drop Mr. 17th, a brand new EP that features six hard-hitting bangers.

Mr. 17. starts off with “Almighty,” a track in which Philly Blocks reminds the world how much of a menace he is. From there, you get a track in “CEO” that will resonate with hood bosses; tracks in “Clinton Era” and “Movie” that will resonate with folks that got it out of the mud; and a track in “Father” that will resonate with those who have lost a loved one. On each track on the album, Philly hits us with vivid lyrics and tons of animation. All in all, if you like authentic trap songs, you need to check out Mr. 17!

Listen to Mr. 17 HERE!



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