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John Paul Electrifies On “Gypsyman”


John Paul


John Paul lets the world know exactly who he is on “Gypsyman.”

They don’t make musicians like John Paul anymore. On each and every one of his songs, he makes sure that he sings boisterously and gifts us with lyrics that are beyond impactful. On John Paul’s latest single, “Gypsyman,” he puts up an unbelievable performance!

“Gypsyman” never lets up in exhilarating vibes. To be more specific, throughout the song, you get a chance to hear extraordinary guitar-play. hard-hitting drumming, tons of bass, and a helluva vocal performance. You also get a chance to hear John Paul remind the world that he is a Gypsy man that is used to living life on the edge.

You don’t have to be a Gypsy man to enjoy “Gypsyman.”


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