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Gold Ro$e Spits Ferocious Bars On “B4U Freestyle”


Gold Ro$e

OVERALL RATING  (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Gold Ro$e is back and meaner than ever!

Gold Ro$e’s music isn’t for cowards. His bars are usually powerful, his deliveries are usually explosive, and the beats that he tends to rap over are usually ferocious. With that being said, on “B4U Freestyle,” his latest release, Gold Ro$e comes across like an individual that is ready to reach greatness in his own unique way.

“B4U Freestyle” is powered by a petrifying beat. Over it, Gold Ro$e lets the world know what motivates him, that he is self-made, and that he has been sharpening up his rap skills these last couple of years.

What I love about Ro$e’s performance on “B4U Freestyle” is that it is both gritty and unapologetic. I also love that the song boasts lyrics that will motivate you to be authentic on your way to the top.

Listen to “B4U Freestyle” at the top of the page.



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