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Desiigner Is A Straight Savage On “Molly”




I still believe in Desiigner.

I feel like Future’s existence has made Desiigner’s path to success very difficult. If we lived in a parallel universe in which Future was an accountant instead of a rapper, I have no doubt in my mind that Desiigner would be more than a one-hit-wonder. Anywho, this weekend, the New York rapper decided to release “MOLLY” — an explosive banger that will make you say, “What did he just say?” over and over again.

Everything about “MOLLY” is explosive: The beat, Desiigner’s rap deliveries, and Desiigner’s lyrics. If you didn’t sweat your ass off listening to the song, you must have accidentally injected steroids into your armpits (Hey, s**t happens).

“Molly” is easily Desiigner’s best song in three years.

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