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Stunna 4 Vegas Sounds Untamable On “4Risk”

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Stunna 4 Vegas


Stunna 4 Vegas is a reckless dude.

I f**k with Stunna 4 Vegas. I love the energy that he raps with; I just don’t love his name (He’s not even from Vegas). Today, S4V decided to release “4Risk,” a banger that is beyond ferocious.

Every mama in America will want to wash Stunna 4 Vegas’ mouth with soap after they listen to “4Risk.” Throughout the song, he talks about doing girls badly, he talks about hitting licks, and he talks about shooting up his foes. Every mama in America will violently shake their head to the song’s beat, though (The song’s flute-heavy beat is impossible to ignore).

Listen to “4Risk” below!

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