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Valona Denise Lets Her Complex Mind Be Free On “Rewind”


Valona Denise

Valona Denise is a top-notch rapper.

Just by looking at the artwork attached to Rewind, you can tell that Valona Denise is a unique individual. In her music, not only does she show zero fear in giving the world her complex thoughts, but she also peels through songs utilizing all-kinds of flows, deliveries, and melodies. On Rewind, Valona’s latest album, she shines brighter than the sun.

Most songs on Rewind boasts beats that straddle the line between soothing and hard-hitting. Over each and every beat, Valona Denise finds unique ways to speak her mind. For instance, on a song like “Rewind,” she switches between a screwed up sound and a laid back sound, while on a song like “In The Air,” she hurls out her bars like a masterful MC that wants all the smoke with her competition. When it’s all said and done, Valona’s unpredictability when it comes to how she approaches each song on Rewind is very enjoyable to listen to.

The best thing about Rewind is the lyrics that you get from Valona Denise on the project. In every one of her verses, Valona lets us know about her rebellious thoughts. For instance, on a song like “Be Free,” she basks in the glorious feelings that come with being a free-spirited/blessed individual, while on a song like “Super Mario,” she rawly lets the world know that she’s still trying to figure out this thing we call life. Valona’s diversity and willingness to venture deep into her rebellious thoughts as a lyricist is very intriguing to listen to.

Valona Denise clearly has a good ear for music. Her Rewind album oozes of advantages being taken, risks turning into rewards, and serious potential being shown.




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