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Agnative Is A Man On A Mission On “Hail Mary”




“Hail Mary” is an emotional trap banger that you will need in your life.

Agnative is an up-and-coming rapper that has a certain aura to him that catches my attention. Well, a bunch of people clearly feel the same way that I do, because his latest single, “Hail Mary,” is getting tons of burn right now.

“Hail Mary” is one of those hits that you will feel in both your heart and soul. The song is powered by a booming trap beat that also boasts tons of riveting vibes. Over it, Agnative blesses us with a melody that is hella infectious and lyrics that will make you want to hustle harder than you ever have. When nightclubs start to open up again, expect to hear “Hail Mary.”

Check out “Hail Mary” below!



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