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Ari Lennox Releases “Cognac Eyes”


Ari Lennox


There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with someone that has cognac eyes.

Just a few days ago, Ari Lennox released “Chocolate Pomegranate,” a slow jam that I think is beyond infectious. This weekend, the DMV singer decided to return to the music scene with “Cognac Eyes,” yet another slow jam that I f**k with a lot!

I got lost in “Cognac Eyes.” The song features a hypnotizing instrumental, a hypnotizing vocal performance, and sultry lyrics. While you’re listening to the song, you’re going to want to rip off both yours and your partner’s clothes (If you guys are wearing any).

Apparently, “Cognac Eyes” is a song that Ari’s record label doesn’t know about… (Read her Tweet below)

Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody about “Cognac Eyes!”

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