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Yung Bleu Recruits Drake For “You’re Mines Still (Remix)”


Yung Bleu & Drake


So many white people are going to know who Yung Bleu is now!

There are certain things that can mean an artist made it: Awards, contracts, and a feature from Drake. Prior to “You’re Mines Still Remix,” I honestly had no idea who Yung Bleu was or what the Bleu Vandross thing was about — however, after hearing the song, it is certain he is the modernized hip hop version of Vandross with a hard southern twist. Drake’s presence on this song smoothed and bounded any space for doubt, making it obsolete. Each rapper brings themselves to the song delighting listeners with authenticity.  

“You’re Mines Still” is beyond a mood, it is an experience. We all have been there. Whether it’s reminiscing about the one who got away, or the person you gave everything to, or just the emotions that float with trying to make relationships work–we all have been there. To say a rap song is beautiful is unprecedented; however, Drake and Yung Bleu fathered it.

Listen to “You’re Mines Still” below.

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