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Captain Mike & The Totems Promise Brighter Days On “Far To Go”


Captain Mike  & The Totems

In a year of great despair, Captain Mike & The Totems give us hope that things will one day be OK.

Captain Mike & The Totems are a rock band from Minneapolis. What I love about them is that they are fearless when it comes to tackling a myriad of genres and powerful topics. On the band’s latest single, “Far To Go,” they gleefully remind the world that better days are right around the corner for the American people.

How valuable is “Far To Go” considering how crappy 2020 has been? The song’s nostalgic vibes, uplifting lyrics, and succulent melodies will definitely strike a chord with you. You will also end up hypnotized by the passionate vocal performance that Captain Mike puts up on the song. All in all, “Far To Go” is too impactful to push aside.

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