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Jack Harlow Pays Homage To “Tyler Herro” On New Single


Jack Harlow


Tyler Herro and Jack Harlow are two ‘Rookie of the Year’ candidates.

Kentucky has had an up-and-down year. While the state f**ked up Breona Taylor’s case, it did breed and help breed a dope-ass rapper in Jack Harlow and a very good baller in Tyler Herro. Today, the former decided to pay homage to the latter.

You get nothing but cooler than a cucumber/braggadocios/competitive/trill-ass bars by Jack Harlow on “Tyler Herro.” The song also features a flute-heavy beat that will make a ratchet snake come out of a vase in the hood.

Tyler Herro and Jack Harlow have more swag than I ever wished I had.

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