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Jackboy & Tyga Link Up For “Aggy”


Jackboy & Tyga


“Aggy” is one of Jackboy’s best songs to date.

Kodak Black’s shooter, JackBoy, has been holding it down for him while he’s been in jail. Not only has he picked up a few of his beefs, but these last couple of months, he has also dropped music that sounds identical to s**t that Kodak would make. In “Aggy,” Jackboy’s latest single, he talks about taking a well-needed vacation.

When it comes to songs that feature degrading lyrics, “Aggy” gives “I Get Around” a run for its money. Throughout the song, Jackboy and Tyga tell random-ass girls to call them zaddy, daddy, and Freddy Kruger. They also let their ops know that it is nothing to put them in the dirt. All in all, “Aggy” is a despicable club banger that you will shamefully love.

Do these rappers know that models can have Coronavirus, too?

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