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Saweetie & Jhene Link Up For “Back To The Streets”


Saweetie & Jhene


Is this the first song by Saweetie that doesn’t sample something from the 2000s?

You have to love how female artists are putting all of us slimy-ass men in our places in their music as of late. Today, Saweetie and Jhene decided to join the ‘men ain’t s**t’ party by releasing “Back To The Streets.”

If you ignore the lyrics that you hear on “Back To The Streets,” you will think that the song was a heartwarming banger. Well, since ignoring lyrics is illegal in America, you will have to put up with Saweetie and Jhene’s lyrics about swerving dudes that aren’t worth their time.

Saweetie is a rapper and Jhene is a singer, but Jhene sounds like a better rapper on “Back To The Streets” than Saweetie (Has that ever happened?)…

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